How Website Pricing Works

Website pricing varies depending on functionality and overall scope of work, just like with any service business.

A simple ‘brochure’ style site with advanced server setup, 4 – 5 content pages and a contact page similar to the one on this site will be priced on the low end of my website price range.

Any additions such as e-commerce, lead capture pages, forum, blog, gallery, live chat, chat bot, ticketing system or other advanced functionality will add to the cost.

It’s impossible to give you an exact quote until I know what your requirements are.

Most new business websites require something in the middle of the range. I suggest at least 5 pages for a new site including:

  • Pages — home page, about us page (I recommend using the about page for a company overview with founder bio and pics, company advantages, service area, FAQ, testimonials, etc), services page, contact us page, work gallery page and a blog for news and content marketing.

I also offer the following add-ons for advanced lead generation:

  • Lead capture — high converting landing pages and marketing funnels
  • Visitor engagement — live chat, chat bot and other conversion optimization tools

When you request an exact quote, we’ll discuss exactly what you need and I’ll send you a proposal with itemized pricing along with the total cost.

Important point about new websites

It’s important to understand that your site should never be considered “finished” and just ignored. Like your business as a whole, it should be a continual work-in-progress.

The most successful local businesses are always adding to and improving their website to build more traffic and improve conversions and lead generation.

At minimum, the following activities should be done regularly (the more the better):

  • Adding blog posts for traffic generation
  • Adding location/city specific pages within your service area for geo-targeted traffic generation
  • Conversion testing to continually improve visitor response and lead generation

You can do this on your own, or click on the links below so I can help you.

Does your website stack up?

To make your website the most productive revenue generating asset in your business contact me or schedule a call now.