Tough Remodeling Group WordPress Website Case Study

Tough Remodeling Group, a general contracting company specializing in roofing and remodeling, came to us needing a website upgrade.

trg home page

The original site was just a one pager (landing page) and was loaded with over 20 plugins that were preventing it from loading at an acceptable speed. The site also has no authority or backlink profile, which is our next area of focus to work on.


See the Tough Remodeling Group website →

According to the online domination roadmap we completed for them, the website suffered from many issues that limited the usefulness and traffic potential of the site. Landing pages are really only useful for paid (PPC) advertising, but are pretty much useless for local SEO and organic search traffic building.

Here’s the full list of problems the original site suffered from:

  • Just a one page landing page, highly limiting the utility and usefulness of the site
  • Over 5 second loading time resulting from a large background image files, way too many heavy plugins
  • Lots of horizontally aligned design elements, making mobile responsiveness a problem
  • Badly written headlines with no emotional value, which limits responsiveness and conversions
  • Very small text for modern high resolution screens
  • Redundant content sections that needed to be omitted or rewritten
  • Not enough call to action areas (CTAs), which limits responsiveness and conversions
  • Many more pages needed to build out the site, and gain visitor trust

Website Overhaul

You can view most of the upgrades we completed for the site on the WordPress website upgrades section of our expert website services page.

We added the following features and deliverables, which maximize lead generation success—the bottom line for ANY business.

  • Super fast page loading
  • Mobile-first, distraction free, single column layout
  • High quality, professionally designed logo that conveys your unique brand
  • Horizontal scrolling mobile navigation for optimal user experience
  • Highly optimized typography for easy content consumption
  • Engaging, unique, and informative content that conveys value
  • Video content separates you from the competition in most markets
  • Very easy to find contact info (especially service/ranking pages)
  • Heavy internal linking to promote click through and time on site
  • See the full feature list

I break down all these features on a previous website case studies write up for RTP Construction and Pro Restoration.

The result of this website upgrade for TRG is a much higher performing and converting website that will produce high lead volume, once the site has some authority and local traffic.

Performance Boost

The site now has a mere 0.7 second “fully loaded time” (down from about 5+ seconds with the previous site), as shown from the GTmetrix performance report below.

Considering the average site loads in 7+ seconds (according to GTmetrix), the Tough Remodeling Group site loads ten times faster than average.

TRG speed test result

Super fast page loading speed leads to optimal website user experience and high conversions!

The importance of website speed cannot be understated! You can read more about the extreme importance of website speed from this blog post.

Next Steps

As I wrote about in this blog post, a website is just one of two pieces of the puzzle that need to be optimized for lead generation and business success. Traffic is equally, if not more important than your website. It’s the missing element that separates market leaders from the businesses that struggle to stay alive.

This client is ambitious and has stated an interest in our local SEO services, so that will be next on the agenda for the TRG site.

Here are some additional services I have in mind for them to further grow their business:

  • Google and Bing ads campaigns with remarketing
  • Social ads campaigns with remarketing
  • Local online classified ads

Your website should not just function as an online brochure or business card—it should grow your business!

I will update this case study, or perhaps write a dedicated post on the client’s marketing and revenue results as we continue to help them grow their business.

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