Formula for Targeted, Responsive Leads

The formula for completely transforming how you acquire new customers is very simple. There are only two components:

  1. A website built with relentless attention to detail and efficiency that is clean, fast loading (under 1 second ideally), builds visitor trust, has compelling content (text and video) and most importantly—is consistently updated with location pages and blog posts (this builds traffic and leads).
  2. Consistent, targeted traffic—local consumers who need exactly what you provide immediately.

VERY, very few local businesses have these two items in place, especially in the home services/improvement markets.

Many business owners try to do it themselves (or hire a friend or family member), as if they can suddenly conjure the skills of a web development and marketing pro like myself whose done lead generation for several large franchises at the corporate level. It’s as senseless and futile as doing your own dental work or representing yourself in court.

Many more business owners have hired one or more marketing services that failed to deliver results.

There are a few reasons for this…

One, digital marketing is like most professions…the majority of services are just sub-par at best. They go through the motions fulfilling the service without making adjustments or course correcting if results don’t show up.

Another issue is that most marketing firms or consultants fail to set proper expectations with clients in terms of the timeline required to build a consistent lead gen campaign.

The process is very iterative and specific to the client’s service area population, level of competition, current progress, etc. But most clients can expect 60 – 90 days for leads to start arriving through their Google Business Profile and then 4 – 6 months to really open the floodgates using multiple traffic sources.

Additionally, most local marketing consultants who offer website services are not even web developers. They don’t know how to code HTML or CSS (the two most basic skills of a web designer/developer).

They use point and click page builder plugins that add tons of bloat and page drag to websites they build. This is why, according to website speed testing service GTmetrix, the average website takes over 7 seconds to load, even though the average visitor won’t wait more than 3 – 4 seconds for a site to load before leaving it.

This results in a staggering amount of lost expense, traffic and revenue for businesses worldwide. View my post on website speed for much more detail.

I specialize in helping business owners with these two crucial elements of top multi-million dollar local service businesses.

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