RTP Construction Website Case Study (Recipe for instant leads)

rtp construction home

New website home page for our client, RTP Construction.

Our client, RTP Construction, came to us wanting an upgraded website. Their home made site was poorly constructed and suffered from many issues. Most notably, it was built on Squarespace, which as discussed in this blog post, is not suitable for serious businesses in need of traffic and leads.

Our objective for new clients is to establish high visibility and traffic…leading to high quality leads and revenues. We don’t care about the latest flashy “design trends”—which surprisingly—actually reduce website conversion rates, ease of maintenance, and lead generation effectiveness in most cases. You can read more about why from my blog post: Why You Should Never Hire a Web Designer.

In the case of RTP Construction, they started receiving basement finishing leads only two days after we delivered their site—more on that at the end of this post.


Let’s go over what really matters for maximum lead generation success, which is all that matters for business.

  • Super fast page loading
  • Mobile-first, distraction free, single column layout
  • High quality, professionally designed logo that conveys your unique brand
  • Horizontal scrolling navigation for optimal user experience
  • Highly optimized typography for easy content consumption
  • Engaging, unique, and informative content that conveys value
  • Video content separates you from the competition in most markets
  • Very easy to find contact info (especially service/ranking pages)
  • Heavy internal linking to promote high click through and time on site
  • See the full feature list

The result is a much more effective website that will eventually function as our client’s most valuable business asset. Your website should grow your business, not just function as an online brochure or business card.

Now let’s expand on some of these features:

Lightning Fast Page Loads

In today’s fast-paced, low attention span world, nothing is more important than fast page loading as internet users have become more and more sensitive to site speed.

That’s why we use the best performing WordPress website and theme platform available. Every page on this site loads in less than a second—even on mobile browsers which are much slower than laptop and desktop browsers.

Check out the 0.7 second “fully loaded time” figure from this GTmetrix website performance report below. Considering the average site loads in 7 seconds (according to GTmetrix), RTP Construction loads ten times faster than average.

rtp construction speed test

Optimal website user experience starts with super fast page loading speed!

Mobile-First Design

Currently, 60% of website traffic (and growing) is mobile traffic, meaning mobile phone usage has overtaken desktop and laptop usage. Mobile-first design takes responsive websites a step further by actually prioritizing mobile viewports over desktop.

The RTP Construction website looks just as good—if not better—on mobile phone browsers than it does on laptop or desktop browsers. The browsing experience is as good as it gets on any device.

Distraction Free, Single Column Layout

The more options people are given, the less likely they will make a decision—and in the case of website visitors—take an action and contact you.

The majority of business websites these days inundate users with too much info (TMI). Too many pages to wade through, content columns, navigation links, images, and functionality (fly in text, etc). This ultimately winds up confusing and distracting visitors who end up not contacting you.

By contrast, RTP Construction features a centered, single column layout that eliminates this possibility and offers a distraction free, uncluttered viewing experience. Everything you’re looking for, especially contact options, is front and center without the confusion.

High Quality, Professionally Designed Logo

This is a huge difference maker, especially in the home services and construction markets.

Caveat: Name branded websites (like this one) can get away with a simple text logo if all the other boxes are checked, but business/company sites absolutely must have a well done logo.

I generate A LOT of client prospect leads through a form that includes a website field, so I know first hand how poor most local business websites are. Hardly any of them include a $300 – $500 professionally designed logo. Surprisingly, this is a detail that only leading businesses bother with—which is why they’re leading businesses!

Your prospective customers can see through your home made, unbranded website from a mile away, and they run—not walk—to your competitors with an appealing logo and brand.

Horizontal Scrolling Navigation

This is another website optimization that only neurotic obsessives like me even think of doing…

Most mobile phone capable websites feature a wonky “hamburger” menu, and according to usability studies, the vast majority of website visitors don’t even see, much less use them. But for some reason this trend is perpetuated by uninformed “copycat” website designers (like 99% of the web designer/developer population).

In the unlikely event that a visitor sees and uses a hamburger menu, the entire screen is covered up by a navigation overlay, which interrupts the user experience—and is extremely annoying!

By contrast, the RTP Construction website navigation features a horizontal scrolling menu bar, which mimics the behavior of iOS on the iPhone, along with most mobile apps you’re already used to.

The result is a much better user experience and much less vertical space occupied by the main website navigation. No more JavaScript navigation overlay that interrupts the browsing experience and slows down page loading.

Golden Ratio Typography

Golden what? GRT offers perfect typography with optimal font size, line height, and even characters per line (CPL), all optimized for the width of the screen each individual user is on.

The result is vastly better and easier content consumption by viewers. I’m sure you can see the difference yourself just reading this article…

Revenue Generating Results

All these website details are meaningless without real world, revenue generating results, right? So let’s put a bow on this case study.

On 3/12/20 at 7:54 PM, only two days after we completed the RTP Construction website, they received a red hot basement remodeling lead (their specialty service).

rtp construction first lead

First lead produced only two days after delivering client’s website.

On 3/20/20 at 9:02 PM, only eight days later, they received their second basement remodeling lead.

We haven’t even started building this client’s inbound link profile yet and the leads are already coming in.

This goes to show that the quality of your website is a huge contributor to it’s traffic and lead generating potential. Most business owners just think a website is a website, and that any website service or platform will do. Not the case at all!

I’ve used many website platforms over the years, and proven time and time again that some just have much better traffic building ability and are much easier to rank in the search engines than others. My favorite is WordPress, which we use for everything we build through our expert website services.

Here’s what the client had to say:

My company had an existing web site but it failed to drive any traffic or leads for my construction business. I got in touch with Chris and he developed a new site that looks great and loads on any device super quick. The site is now producing leads for my company and I could not be happier with the result! I highly recommend Chris for your website and marketing needs!

~ Rick Ellefson, RTP Construction

Nothing brings me more enjoyment than seeing results like these for clients.

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