Use This Awesome Google Review Building Strategy

While my family was on trip to Lakeway, TX in west Austin a few weeks ago, our hotel restaurant was using a super effective Google review building strategy.

I help clients implement a similar strategy as part of my Google Map 3-Pack service.

But they added a super cool twist that got them several individual reviews from me alone, and probably many other customers who stay at the hotel for several days or more.

We wound up staying at the hotel about 10 days, so out of convenience, we ate at the hotel restaurant quite a bit. My kids LOVED the french toast and waffles on the breakfast menu.

Each time we finished eating, the server would hand out the 4″x4″ laminated card pictured below with their individual name and a QR code. The QR code launches a Google Review form after being scanned.

google review building strategy

Build up Google reviews for your business with customer or client handouts like this.

While each of the servers handed me their card, they’d say something like:

If you enjoyed my service, please leave a review for me here.

By saying that, it makes customers think they are reviewing the server, which I’m sure results in multiple reviews by each guest who eats at the restaurant several times during their stay.

Of course, the review form was for the restaurant, not the specific server. But the QR codes are most likely unique to each server and tracking how many reviews each server produces. Then the servers are incentivized by the restaurant in some way.

So I decided to give the restaurant 4 or 5 reviews in total, making sure to mention each server’s name in the review they requested from me.

This exact review building method can be used for any business with sales reps, technicians, or any employees who interface directly with customers or clients.

Even if you’re the only one in your business who interfaces with customers, this is a great way to generate steady reviews.

Showing customers or clients how it works right away after giving them a handout like this is a great way to ensure they immediately submit their review. Just say something like this:

Go ahead and scan this QR code with your phone and I’ll show you how it works real quick.

I suggest using the back of your business card for the sole purpose of building Google reviews like this. Or you could just have some review building cards made that are separate from your standard business card.

I also suggest adding a page to your site for generating customer reviews. Add a link or button that leads to your Google Business review form, along with links for other major review sites like Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Take a look at this client website page as an example.

Then add the URL for this page to your review cards along with the QR code.

Most people who read this post will just file this away in a marketing ideas folder somewhere. Don’t do that. Take the first step to implement this strategy!

Review building is one of the most important marketing activities you can do. It’s part of the 10% of things that get 90% of your marketing results.

But if you’re like most business owners who need someone else to handle the project, go ahead and request my service deliverables and pricing below. This is just one of many strategies I use to help clients pile up the reviews.

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