Thought-Provoking Lesson on Resilience 🧐

lesson on resilience

Taking productive action is the best way to overcome self-defeating thoughts or motivation blocks.

One of my other skills (aside from online marketing) is picking highly innovative growth company stocks.

Yesterday I added Coinbase to one of my Etrade accounts during their public offering (Not financial advice, speak to your own advisors—you know the CYA drill).

Anyway, here’s a compelling lesson on resilience from the founder of Coinbase that applies to the process of building any successful business—and by extension—achieving any meaningful life goal.

Click the tweet above to read the entire thread.

It’s no wonder why the vast majority of businesses fail….as unfortunate as that is.

But, since the topic of this post is centered on mindset, I’ll drop a pro tip. As a successful business owner myself, I find it super helpful to collect any inspirational content I come across. I use Evernote and tag/categorize my notes for quick and easy access. If I ever need a mental pick me up (it happens to all of us), I revisit them to quickly snap out of it.

But unquestionably, the best way to overcome internal or external negativity is to immediately take productive action. Just get moving. In just a minute or two, you’re back in the flow and kick’n ass. πŸš€

Are you a naturally inspired person, or do you consistently work to develop your mindset and performance? Let me know if you have any game-changing peak performance tools, resources or practices.

And now for the obligatory call to action—I’m always on the hunt for inspired clients, so get in touch with me if you’re inspired to take your business to the next level and beyond.

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