Red Responders Local SEO Case Study

website and local seo results case study

Consistent search engine traffiic is the holy grail of lead generation for local businesses.

While most people with some digital marketing experience know that website traffic generation is primarily done off-site, some website platforms (such as my favorite, WordPress) make traffic building MUCH easier and faster than other platforms, such as, “site builder” services like Godaddy, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc, that are heavily promoted on TV commercials.

Did You Know?

Site builder services like the ones mentioned above are incapable of producing traffic and lead generation results, and are completely unsuitable for serious business owners.

It’s so unfortunate and heart breaking that so many well meaning business owners have no idea that they are setting themselves up for failure online when they use these services.

See this blog post for a detailed explanation on how ineffective site builder websites are.

So, while this article is meant to showcase a recent local SEO and traffic generation client campaign of ours, digital marketing success requires BOTH a high quality website and consistent, targeted traffic. You need both pieces of the puzzle to be successful online.

If you’re a serious local business owner who wants more leads and customers you need a custom, self-hosted WordPress website capable of producing traffic quickly. It is the foundation for all your online lead generation activities.

Let’s get back to the case study…

Case Study Overview

In June 2020, Red Responders, a crime scene and after death cleanup company invested in my expert website services to acquire a fast loading, high converting website. You can see the case study I wrote about it.

Then on 9/15/20 after firing their SEO and PPC service provider (FYI – 90% of marketing companies produce zero results), they hired my team and I for local SEO services, which was only a couple months ago as I write this.

Their trust in us has paid off bigly.

Google Organic Search Results

You can see the client’s site is ranking in the top 5 results for several of their main service keywords after only 2 months with us, as shown in the image below.

red responders organic results

Month 2 Google organic ranking results for our client. Top 5 positioning results in consistent free traffic and leads.

It’s important to note that the traffic and leads resulting from search positioning like this means that our service is now paying for itself while the client’s traffic, leads and customers will continue to grow on a consistent basis.

Teaching Moment

The top five listed websites on page one for any local business related search in Google receive ALL the search traffic, with the most traffic going to position one, and then in decreasing amounts through position five. The bottom five spots on page one get little traffic, and after page one—there is no traffic!

But the long term goal is to rank for hundreds or thousands of keywords, all adding up to lots of consistent, daily traffic, leading to consistent, daily leads—which is why adding content to your website on a consistent basis is so important.

Shameless plug: On that note, our local SEO service includes a weekly blog post (4 posts per month). This serves two purposes. First of all, it adds hundreds of keywords to your site that potential customers could be searching to find your service. Secondly, Google LOVES active sites that are regularly updated with new content, and rewards them with higher rankings and visibility.

Google Map Pack Search Results

As shown by the Google Maps rank tracking screenshots below, the green dots with number in the middle represent Google maps 3-pack (i.e. the Google map pack) positioning.

Map pack top 3 positioning results in free traffic and high lead volume for ANY local business—and the leads are the most receptive, highest quality possible (short of a personal referral).

arlington biohazard cleanup

Top 2 and 3 map pack results for “Arlington biohazard cleanup”.

arlington after crime scene cleanup

Top 3 map pack results for “Arlington after crime scene cleanup”.

arlington crime scene cleaners

Top 3 map pack results for “Arlington crime scene cleaners”.

arlington crime scene cleanup

Top 3 map pack results for “Arlington crime scene cleanup”.

arlington crime scene cleanup company

Top 3 map pack results for “Arlington crime scene cleanup company”.

See our client results wall for a lot more local SEO, Google map 3-pack, and lead generation results we’ve achieved for clients.

Revenue Generating Results

So what are the revenue generating results?

This client’s website and local SEO “expense” has become a self-funding, high yield investment leading to new leads and business within 2 months!

In the following months, their search rankings and overall visibility will further improve and their lead volume will increase significantly. Results like these are not possible with a rented website from a site builder service.

If you’re new in business, or a seasoned business owner whose never had online success, your first investment should not be equipment, vehicles, or anything related to fulfillment and “servicing” your customers.

Your first investment should be a self-hosted, high performance (fast loading) high converting, lead generation website. Then you’ll have a much better chance of building a successful business that doesn’t rely on referrals and then goes out of business a few months later when the referrals dry up.

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