Pro Restoration Website and SEO Case Study (How to produce consistent jobs)

One of our recent clients, Pro Restoration came to us wanting more jobs for their crawl space repair and encapsulation business.

pro restoration home

The first step for me, like with every client prospect, was to determine the best online lead generation and growth opportunities in their market. Part of this process was to perform a website review for them.

Like many home service businesses and contractors who come to me, they had a very poor, home-made WIX website (a popular website builder service). It was very poorly built, completely invisible in search engines and had no local traffic (also like most home service & construction businesses).

After comparing the long term ROI of buying exclusive leads versus creating their own leads with my help, they wisely chose the latter.

Read more about why I highly recommend creating your own leads over just buying leads exclusively.

Website Results

After about ten days my team and I completed their awesome new site.

See the Pro Restoration website →

The main “difference making” features include:

  • Super fast page loading (0.6 second fully loaded time according to GTmetrix)
  • Optimized for conversions and lead generation
  • Mobile-first (Designed primarily for mobile screens as mobile browsing has long since overtaken desktop browsing)
  • Distraction free, single column layout
  • Horizontal scrolling navigation for optimal user experience
  • Highly optimized typography for easy content consumption
  • See the full feature list

The result was a massive improvement over their previous WIX website for every website success metric! But my favorite result was the immediate jump to page 2 in Google for the client’s main service keywords.

Local SEO Results

Of course, having a shiny new website without traffic is like having the best service in town without customers.

So my team and I launched a local SEO campaign to rank the site in Google for as many “crawl space repair” keyword variations as possible in Winston-Salem, NC (a competitive market with 250K+ population).

A popular misunderstanding about local SEO is the need to rank highly on the first page of Google to generate traffic, leads and customers.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

After only a few short months, Pro Restoration is now getting consistent traffic for hundreds of “crawl space repair” keyword variations.

But obviously, ranking highly on the first page for your primary keywords is the mid-term goal (within 2 – 4 months). Here are the primary keyword rankings for Pro Restoration, which continually improve, as you can see by the green position gains in the D/W/M column:

pro restoration rankings

First page Google rankings for the main “crawl space repair” keyword variations.

Despite these results, there are many more traffic sources we haven’t leveraged yet.

Here are the next steps:

  • Google Maps 3 pack positioning for their Google My Business (GMB) listing (They have changed office locations twice since hiring me, preventing this so far)
  • Adding pages and traffic for more cities in their service area
  • Adding pages and traffic for other services
  • Launching Google and Bing ads campaigns with remarketing
  • Launching social ads campaigns with remarketing
  • Many more

Revenue Generating Results

As a result of the website’s traffic and visibility, Pro Restoration is getting high dollar projects consistently (valued at over $15K in revenue apiece). I have the invoices to prove it!

And they are just getting started as mentioned above.

Another important point is, thus far, every single lead produced by the site has converted into a customer. This is the power of branded marketing. When consumers contact a specific business, rather than just completing a form on a lead company’s website, conversions skyrocket.

Bottom line, the ROI from our services has been unbeatable for Pro Restoration and crushed their ROI from purchased leads. And the results will continue to compound going forward.

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