Lead Capture Page for Generating Referrals

Charles is a superstar sales pro at a large cable and internet company in Phoenix, AZ. Most of his business comes from large apartment building manager referrals for new move-ins.

lead capture page sample

Unfortunately, his company’s main competitor recently started offering these apartment managers a referral fee for their move-in leads, effectively taking them away from Charles since he wasn’t compensating them.

However, most of the apartment managers in the area HATE working with that particular company for several reasons. But you know how it goes—money talks! When one company is offering a referral fee and the other isn’t, the one offering compensation gets the referrals all day.

Well, Charles figured two could play at that game!

He just needed a referral lead capture page with extensive functionality to collect apartment manager leads and compensate them accordingly.

Here were the requirements:

  • Clean, distraction free design
  • Super fast loading times
  • Mobile-first design for use on any screen size
  • Beautiful, 100% customizable, easy to complete form
  • Email and text notifications for new leads he receives
  • Automated thank you email sent to referrers
  • Connect lead data to any email list management app
  • Connect lead data to any cloud-based CRM app

The site/page I built for him does all this and more!

Unfortunately, I can’t link to it here because we don’t want to skew the traffic stats, so you’ll have to settle for the screenshot above.

Too simple looking?

Think again! Black text on a plain white background with brief web copy, followed by an encapsulated form performs better than ANYTHING else in my experience.

This is especially important when paying for traffic via Google or FB ads.

But, this particular site isn’t meant to produce traffic—it is solely for the apartment managers Charles works with to input their new move-in leads for referral fees.

As you can see the contact page on my site looks very similar. The only difference is that it contains a breadcrumb navigation and footer in addition to the main page content, since I’m using a standard page template, not the built-in landing page template. Landing pages shouldn’t contain any navigation, footers, sidebars, or any other page elements that could distract visitors from taking the desired action you want them to take.

I do use the landing page template for my website review offer however, just to give you another LP example. It contains much longer sales copy above the form than Charles’ capture page, however, since the page needs to explain my offer before visitors decide to submit their details into the form.

Anyway, now Charles is recovering his referrals and maintaining his business instead of losing them to the competition. In fact, two referrals came through within an hour of launching the page.

I was glad to help him out.

Does your website stack up?

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