Chris Pearson on Future Proofing Websites

Chris Pearson drops some serious nuggets for business builders in this new interview.

Chris Pearson is the creator of the Thesis/Focus WordPress Theme, which I use exclusively for all my own websites and client websites. He is easily the most talented and innovative developer in the WordPress ecosystem.

In this interview by Kim Greenhouse, Chris goes deep on future proofing your business website.

Some of the topics covered include the following, just to name a few:

  • How website fads/trends have usurped the fundamentals in web development
  • The problems with most website platforms today and why it led him to develop his own software to overcome these issues
  • Why it’s almost impossible for business owners to effectively choose a website platform for long term sustainability and performance
  • Why hiring a webmaster is often frustrating, expensive and can lead to completely scrapping your website and starting over
  • How business owners and other website owners can finally adapt a systems perspective to the way they build and manage their website
  • Why role separation in website development and management leads to crappy outcomes
  • And much more, of course…

Enjoy the interview!

Does your website stack up?

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