Google Business Can Help You Build a Business Bonanza!

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Google Business Profile is a powerful customer acquisition engine when optimized correctly.

Have you noticed Google is getting greedy with its own traffic and doesn’t want to send people to your website if they don’t have to?

They are de-prioritizing organic search results in favor of ads and “no click searches”.

What are no click searches?

It’s where people search Google and get the info they need without having to visit any websites.

For example, searching the term “Reno weather” will result in a graphic with a complete weather forecast above everything else on the results page.

no click search weather

Google’s no click search result for “reno weather”

Searching for a hotel looks like this:

no click search hotels

Google’s no click search result for “miami hotels”

Fact is, no click searches now account for 47% of all search results!

But Google knows people will always need to connect with local businesses to get their problems solved.

So rather than routing people to your site, Google built a platform for them to connect with businesses right in the search results.

It’s called Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business, Google Places, etc), and it has become a massively important tool for savvy businesses. Searchers can do a number of things, right from Google all without having to visit your site!

They can:

  • Call you
  • Message you
  • Ask questions
  • Post reviews
  • Get directions
  • Find your offers and pricing

You might think this is a bad thing since it reduces your website traffic, but playing nice with Google can explode your business.

Any business can create a free Google Business Profile. It’s similar to a business directory listing on Yellow Pages or Yelp, but 10X more powerful.

When used correctly, your Google Business Profile can become a high-powered customer acquisition machine. You can’t treat it like a Yellow Pages or Yelp listing that most businesses largely ignore. That’s like having a website but never building any traffic to it. It won’t produce leads or customers and become the important asset to your business that it should be.

If your Google Business listing is meticulously built out and optimized it will show up in the Google Map 3-Pack in your area within 60 – 90 days. At that point, your business will have much more visibility, traffic and calls.

I have been building out high-performance Google Business listings for years, and my proven process is the result of over 700 listings optimized.

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