The Heavy Impact of Website Speed

impact of website speed

Website speed is by far the most important component of your website.

Website visitors care about site/page loading speed more than any other aspect of your website, as I’ve stated previously. It is infinitely more important than design, features, branding, or anything else

Unfortunately, the average site speed across the internet is escalating quickly. The average site loads in a whopping 7+ seconds according to popular speed testing tool GTmetrix. This is despite the fact that site speed is an increasingly more important consideration for search engine rankings.

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Red Responders Local SEO Case Study (Top rankings, fast)

website and local seo results case study

Consistent search engine traffiic is the holy grail of lead generation for local businesses.

You may know that website traffic generation is the result of consistent effort performed over time. But certain website platforms (such as my favorite, WordPress) make traffic building MUCH easier and faster than other platforms, such as, “site builder” services like Godaddy, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and many more.

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High Converting Landing Page Example 🚀

landing page preview

Landing pages perform much better with paid advertising than a regular website home page.

When it comes to online lead generation using paid advertising platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook ads, landing pages (sometimes called “funnels”) are much more effective than a website home page in most cases.

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Red Responders WordPress Website Upgrade Case Study

red responders site preview

New upgraded WordPress website home page for our client, Red Responders.

Red Responders, a biohazard, crime scene, and hoarding cleanup company came to us needing an upgraded website and local SEO services.

The site was clearly home made by someone with no website building experience. And worse, it was completely invisible to search engines (like 95%+ of home service business sites I see).

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RTP Construction Website Case Study (Recipe for instant leads)

rtp construction home

New website home page for our client, RTP Construction.

Our client, RTP Construction, came to us wanting an upgraded website. Their home made site was poorly constructed and suffered from many issues. Most notably, it was built on Squarespace, which as discussed in this blog post, is not suitable for serious businesses in need of traffic and leads.

Our objective for new clients is to establish high visibility and traffic…leading to high quality leads and revenues. We don’t care about the latest flashy “design trends”—which surprisingly—actually reduce website conversion rates, ease of maintenance, and lead generation effectiveness in most cases. You can read more about why from my blog post: Why You Should Never Hire a Web Designer.

In the case of RTP Construction, they started receiving basement finishing leads only two days after we delivered their site—more on that at the end of this post.

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