Thought-Provoking Lesson on Resilience 🧐

lesson on resilience

Taking productive action is the best way to overcome self-defeating thoughts or motivation blocks.

One of my other skills (aside from online marketing) is picking highly innovative growth company stocks. Yesterday I added Coinbase to one of my Etrade accounts during their public offering (Not financial advice, speak to your own advisors—you know the CYA drill).

Anyway, here’s a compelling lesson on resilience from the founder of Coinbase that applies to the process of building any successful business—and by extension—achieving any meaningful life goal.

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The Best Small Businesses Have The Worst Online Marketing

small business online marketing

Some of the best small businesses have the worst marketing. Here’s how to get with the times.

Life is never straightforward—it’s full of little ironies. One of the craziest things I’ve discovered is that the best small businesses tend to have the worst online marketing.

I constantly encounter small businesses with great brands, services, and customer feedback. You’ve probably seen them too. The owner works in the business and is very hands on; they are world-class and love what they do.

These businesses will solve your problems fast, and with a big smile. They make your life better every time you buy from them.

But they are completely missing the boat online! 🤦‍♂️

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The Most Crucial Landing Page Feature

landing page features

There are many important features of a great landing page, but this one thing is absolutely crucial.

Landing page advice these days is way too convoluted. They make it seems like rocket science. But creating an effective landing page is actually a pretty simple matter.

Some of the essential requirements include:

  • Most importantly, relevancy to the visitor’s intent
  • Fast loading speed (especially for paid traffic)
  • Nice, clean looking design
  • Compelling headline(s) at the top of the page
  • Multiple calls to action (CTA)

Make sure your page delivers on the “promise” you made to attract the searcher, make sure it loads super fast (The faster the better), use clean design, have a compelling headline, and offer them an easy way to contact you.

Congratulations, you’ve just created a lead! Is that really all it takes?

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Tough Remodeling Group WordPress Website Upgrade Case Study

TRG Home

New upgraded WordPress website home page for our client, Tough Remodeling Group.

Tough Remodeling Group, a general contracting company specializing in roofing and remodeling, came to us needing a website upgrade.

The original site was just a one pager (landing page) and was loaded with over 20 plugins that were preventing it from loading at an acceptable speed. The site also has no authority or backlink profile, which is our next area of focus to work on.

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How to Boost Lead Conversion by 391%

contractor responding to call

Calling back leads fast is much more important than most business owners realize.

If you wanted to buy a product or service, what is the likelihood that you would wait two days for the seller to respond? You wouldn’t!

As a business owner, I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of getting back to leads quickly. But I’m going to show you exactly HOW important it is by putting some numbers to it.

So let’s get on with it…

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