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I’m a business and marketing consultant, investor, family man, golf fanatic, and freedom lover.

I began my entrepreneurship journey back in 2006 as an agent for a direct sales organization in the financial industry. Like most sales reps, I was purchasing expensive leads to fuel my sales…and lead prices were seemingly going up every month.

So I decided to learn how to produce my own leads.

This led to an exhaustive effort researching and practicing inbound marketing and lead generation using every form of online advertising and traffic available. This helped me develop a knack for traffic and lead generation.

Eventually I started helping business owners get found online (mainly friends or acquaintances initially). Then, after promoting my services online and getting lots of referrals, a thriving business materialized (more on that soon).

Client Success Showcase

At this point I’ve helped countless businesses, including large franchises, such as, Mr Rooter, Rooter Hero, Rainbow International, and many more—and I love every minute of it!

Random Personal Facts

  • In 2013 I founded Get Service Leads, a pay per call lead company serving the home services industry.
  • I’m a scratch golfer and played competitively in junior golf, high school and college.
  • I make 2 cups of lightly caffeinated coffee every morning.
  • I stay in great shape by exercising 4 – 5 days per week, walking golf courses, and eating a whole-food diet.
  • I have a thing for every-day carry (EDC) gear, especially folding knives. There’s just something so appealing about man’s oldest tool.
  • I’m lucky enough to live in West Austin, TX with a view of Lake Travis.

Client Reviews

Below are several reviews from my highly valued clients ↓

Glad to see calls coming over already!

Hey Chris! Glad to see calls coming over already! I have another location I would like to test with you if you are able – Palm Beach County, FL. Thoughts? Thanks!

~ Heather McLeod, Mr. Rooter LLC

The site is now producing leads for my company

My company had a website but it failed to drive any traffic or leads for my construction business. I got in touch with Chris and he developed a new site that looks great and loads on any device super quick. The site is now producing leads for my company and I could not be happier with the result! I highly recommend Chris for all your website and marketing needs!

~ Rick Ellefson, RTP Construction

Never seen anything like it

Chris sewers are such money makers down here and I know you’re smart because a guy from down south told me that he had a hauling business and once he hired you he said he never seen anything like it before in his life. I just want to go over with you what I want to do strictly drain cleaning and help me with advertising or whatever you can because I know you’re good at what you do.

~ Bob Hibbert, Shilo Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

No longer losing leads to my competitor

I needed a lead capture page for apartment managers to refer me all their move-in leads for cable and internet services. After trying to setup WordPress and build a landing page on my own, I quickly realized it was way over my head. After contacting Chris, he built me a super fast loading, high performing lead capture page. On launch day 2 leads came in. I highly recommend Chris for any website or lead generation services you need!

~ Charles C, Cable and Internet Company

Doesn’t get any better than that

I want to say great job. We got our first call which was booked into an appt for this Tuesday. Couldn’t have gone any better. I was in shower when phone rang so I rushed out and called right away. No problems whatsoever. It’s for a full deck remodel. Doesn’t get any better than that. Now I need to do my job and give them what they want.

~ Derek Torcello, JWI Home Improvement

Appointments for all three leads so far

I have called three leads so far and set appointments for all three. All for 4+ windows – Great job!!!!!

~ Joe Candido, Primo Home Improvements

Really, you do a great job

Good morning Chris – Thanks for all your help. Really, you do a very good job. Sorry because in my side I have some holes that I need covered but it is a process, is difficult found people that know this job but again is a process. Really, I appreciate your help. Thanks again!

~ Elio Rodriguez, ER Rooter

My business has tripled

My HVAC business has always relied on referrals and word of mouth, but this wasn’t consistent and I wanted to expand. I knew we had to eventually advertise or work with an outside marketing firm. After Chris came on board, we started getting calls within 3 weeks. After another month my business had tripled.

~ Cody, CS Heating and Air

Thanks for your help!

Chris – The call worked out well. Not sure if you noticed but when I asked the customer how he heard about us he told me that a friend had given him our number. Its great that you have the recording platform so we know for sure. We took care of the customer and look forward to the next call. Thanks for your help!

~ Mike Roberts, Masterflo Plumbing

Back on track

Thanks Chris. Really appreciate your help getting things back on track.

~ Steve Keller, Red Responders

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